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Archival description
Charles Jencks Archive
-CJA · Fonds · [1950s]-2019

The archive primarily covers the period from the early 1960s when Jencks started writing about architecture to his death in 2019. Jencks did not consistently retain papers so there are gaps in the collection and some more personal material remains with the family. The Jencks Foundation sees The Cosmic House as an integral part of Charles Jencks' Archive, and so, the fixtures and fittings within The Cosmic House are also included. Similarly Charles Jencks' extensive library is included as part of the Archive, as this is key to understanding Jencks intellectual life and is working methods.

The archive includes
-Drawings, plans and models, photographic materials and documentation around both the creation and the refurbishment of The Cosmic House, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation and Charles' Jencks other architectural and landscape design projects.
-Charles Jencks' writings; includes early writings (including both school work and fiction), Charles Jencks' publications and documentation relating to various publications; lecture notes and documentation relating to lecturing, and unpublished writings.
-Documentation around Jencks' role in the setting up and running of the Maggie's Centres and other work activities such as acting as juror on architectural competitions and selections committees.
-Materials used by Jencks to inform his work including his extensive library of publications and press clippings relating to architecture, art, post modernism and science; research notes, drafts, correspondence and other documentation relating to Jencks writings and his relationships with architects and writers.
-Jencks audio-visual collection including his large slide library and other photographic material, as well as a small amount of video and audio material.
-Charles Jencks' artwork and a small amount of miscellaneous, mainly administrative, material.

Jencks, Charles Alexander